Work is progressing in Matvika for the wedding and we are happy to share the first milestone, we are now without a floor for the wedding! And yes.. the plan is to have a floor soon. We spent a weekend in Matvika with my soon to be in-laws, my parents and the kids. We are receiving a massive amount of help to realize our wedding plans and we know now that we couldn’t have done this on our own. Will probably be repeating this quire a few times, but thank you so much.

The plan for this weekend was to raise the support beams for the floor as well as getting rid of the floor. As you can see from one of the pictures the floor looked like it suffered a minor earthquake and would result in some funky dancing if we allowed it to stay the way it was. On top of the support beams there was also a need to straigten the floor out to prepare for the next work team in the end of May. The weather was amazing and as you can see there is still quite a few things to get ready before August 1st!

We also had time to take the boat to Geiranger and have a meeting with the chef for the wedding from Brasserie Posten, and we are certain that their focus on local and authentic food will fit right in with us.

Arbeidshelg i Matvika - 3729

Nils-Roger working on the not so straight floor

Arbeidshelg i Matvika - 3862

Dust falling through to the basement

Arbeidshelg i Matvika - 3902

Dad is balancing on the remaining supporting beams

Arbeidshelg i Matvika - 3920

So many old, rusty and stuck nails…

Arbeidshelg i Matvika - 3933

Dad leveling the floor

Arbeidshelg i Matvika - 3980

On our way back from meeting the chef at Brasseriet Posten getting a look at the last rays of the sun

Arbeidshelg i Matvika - 4030

Trees blooming in Matvika

Arbeidshelg i Matvika - 4031

The ferry passing us by