I considered translating every single page but.. I’m lazy so this is the short version of the rest of the website in English for all of you who are too lazy to learn Norwegian!

The wedding will take place in Matvika, a fjord farm that Eli’s father grew up on.  Now there is no electricity, water or roads here so that gives an extra edge to the planning, both on our side and yours. Why aren’t we getting married somewhere close to where we live you might as? Pretty much because there is no reason to do anything the easy way if there is another harder, steeper and more challenging way…This is written halfway through the planning of the wedding and the tone might be colored by that 🙂

First things first:


If you need to read this in English I would recommend just getting in touch with me because this then depends on whether you are flying in, arriving well in advance or driving from Oslo by car.

The current alternative if you are arriving in Geiranger is to take the tourist boat to Matvika on saturday and then either take the 02:00 boat that is going back to Geiranger or stay the night in Matvika and take one of the boats the following day.


Here I would recommend settling this pretty soon as there really aren’t that many hotel beds in Geiranger. There are a few options, from hotels in various sizes to cabins and also camping grounds for tents. You can also stay over in Matvika (again, for free!) which will be in a dorm style room with matresses.  Best thing would again be to contact me!

What to wear?

This one is a bit tougher as we’re basically screwed if the weather is bad. So the general advice here is to dress nice (suits, summer dresses and so on), but also bringing a backup (jacket, sweater and so on). We are expecting warm summer weather, but can’t promise anything.


If you’re reading this you are probably travelling a bit to get to us, so consider your arrival the best gift that we can get. In all honesty we haven’t created a wishlist of any sort either as we are well established with a house and kids and are lucky enough to have everything we need. If you could bring anything for good luck in regards to the weather that would be awesome.


Toastmasters will be Simen and Erlend. If you want to say a few words you can contact them here:

Erlend Brobak – erlend.brobak@gmail.com

Simen Løkken – simen.lokken@gmail.com

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