Thank you so much for a fantastic day that actually exceeded all of our expectations. It was mentioned a few times during the speeches, but we could not have done this without all the help we received before and after the wedding. It’s now been 17 days and all I can say for marriage so far is that we are not planning another one anytime soon!

I hope all of you had as great a time as we did and we are very grateful for all of you coming to a day that was perfect to us. And yes.. the floor held even when playing «Jump around»!

Here is a link to a selection of the images from the wedding that our photographer OIe Eltvik took during the day.  Best of Bryllup i Matvika
We have a grand total of almost 900 images from the wedding so let me know if you want the whole package, included is a ridiculous amount of pictures of me in a tuxedo.